First Arabesque, Claude Debussy
Performed by:
Stephen Malinowski

Growing Virtual Scenery

Bringing the beauty of nature
to the digital world.

We build highly detailed, immersive virtual environments for all forms of digital media. Ixora is a service designed for creators -- no technical ability required.

Our Stack

Our software is cloud-native with a strong emphasis on functional programming. Simulations are written in Python and structured as tensor-based graph computations for maximum flexibility and efficiency on distributed cpus and gpus. Here is a selection of open-source tools we use:


Holly Dale


M.Sc. in Physics

Over 15 years experience creating digital environments with publications in top research journals (incl. SIGGRAPH).

Past Experience:

Weta Digital

Research and Development

Film Credits: The Hobbit, Maze Runner, The Jungle Book, Wonder Woman, War for the Planet of the Apes

Algorithmic Botany

Software:   TreeSketch

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Email: [email protected]